ground investigation

Comacchio 405 rotary drilling rig - Drone Hill wind farm investigation, East LothianA large proportion of our workload comprises ground investigations, and we work on a wide range of projects.

From our two offices, in St Albans and near Nottingham, we carry out ground investigations throughout the UK, and we have recently worked in Cornwall, Anglesey and West Lothian. We can work on any size of project, from simple investigations for house extensions, to large complex investigations that require an array of different exploratory methods.

Our extensive knowledge of ground investigations allows us to provide the optimum scope of investigation and most appropriate exploratory technique for each project.

Our investigations can be designed to cover just geotechnical issues, solely contaminated land requirements or, as is usually the case, will deal with both of these important aspects of the development process. By combining geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigations we avoid duplication of work, and the associated extra cost of effectively carrying out an investigation twice. For example, a borehole drilled to provide foundation design parameters can also be used to sample soil for contamination testing, a standpipe installed to monitor water levels can also be used for recovering groundwater samples for contamination testing and monitoring for landfill gas. And because all of our engineers are familiar with geotechnical and contaminated land matters, our reports provide clear advice on both aspects of the development and ensure that the foundation design recommendations do not conflict with the need to deal with any ground contamination.