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Creed Court Hotel

Ground investigation & ground movement assessment

Creed Court Hotel

The proposed development comprises a partial façade retention and construction of a new hotel for Curio by Hilton consisting of several basement levels and six storeys above ground. Located along the main thoroughfare leading up to St Pauls Cathedral, its prominent location meant significant consideration was given to the design within this Conservation Area. Work is due for completion 2021.

Initially GEA completed a ground movement assessment using archive data, to ensure that the proposed development would have no impact on St Pauls Cathedral.

GEA then completed a ground investigation within a difficult access site to confirm the ground conditions beneath the site and provide information to assist with the design of the proposed basement and piled foundations. Working closely with the design team, GEA then undertook a series of ground movement assessments and provided geotechnical advice with respect to the potential impact of the proposed basement construction on nearby buildings and sensitive underground assets.

We have continued to provide design advice with respect to the basement piling and support system.

Creed Court Hotel


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