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Desk Study

A properly designed and targeted desk study is an essential first stage in the investigation process.

Our desk studies are only carried out by qualified engineers who understand the implications of the information that is obtained. Our desk study reports always include a proper risk assessment and, where required, costed proposals for subsequent ground investigation.A walkover survey is a vital part of the desk study process and is carried out by one of our qualified engineers. We will also, where appropriate, discuss the site with the Local Authority to obtain local information on ground conditions and possible contamination problems.

We will also search local libraries and archives, along with our database of some 8000 investigations that we have carried out over the past 20 years, which is an exceptionally valuable source of information to our clients.

Because our engineers understand the development process we do not waste time and money carrying out unnecessary searches; conversely we are able to rapidly identify the need for special searches on particular sites, such as searches of coal mining, chalk cavity databases or petroleum records.

For regular clients we can establish a standard charge for a desk study at any site in the UK and also undertake to report within a fixed timeframe, usually three working days for preliminary information and seven working days for a full report.

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