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Bulbourne Yard, Tring

Ground investigation at historical heritage site adjacent to canal

Bulbourne Yard
Bulbourne Yard
Bulbourne Yard

With four listed buildings, this historic complex of former canal lock workshops on the Grand Union Canal in Tring will now provide 25 new premium homes, an office facility for the Canal & River Trust and a new footbridge over the canal to provide access and enhance the amenities.

GEA completed three phases of investigation which comprised boreholes, trial pits, in-situ CBR testing and groundwater monitoring, to provide interpretative geotechnical and contamination advice to support the design of the proposed buildings and footbridge, including basements and retaining walls and advice on surface water drainage.

Bulbourne Yard


Lewis & Hickey


Simpson Associates


Bulbourne Yard Development LLP


Tring, Hertfordshire



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