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Ground investigation
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Cromwell Place

Ground investigation and discharge of contaminated land planning conditions

Cromwell Place

GEA completed an investigation for this unique gallery concept within this terrace of five Grade II Listed Victorian townhouse sensitively restored into shared, interconnected exhibition space. As well as refurbishment works a new pavilion was created, giving a contrasting, contemporary viewing space.

The initial investigation was completed in the gardens between the townhouses and the mews using restricted access equipment, while the buildings were still occupied and in use. Some years later, once access was available, we carried out additional contamination investigation including groundwater monitoring and testing.

Following ongoing liaison with the local authority, GEA carried out verification sampling of the top-down basement construction. Close liaison was essential between the contractor on site and GEA to ensure that sampling visits were carried out at the crucial development stages. On completion, we provided a verification report to complete the audit trail which allowed the planning conditions related to contaminated land to be discharged.

Cromwell Place has been awarded the RIBA regional award 2022.

Cromwell Place
Cromwell Place


Buckley Gray Yeoman


Heyne Tillett Steel


South Kensington Estates


London, SW7



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