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Park Modern, Bayswater

Ground investigation for ‘London’s most prestigious residential development’

Park Modern
Park Modern
Park Modern

GEA completed an investigation for this luxury £450 million new mixed-use development offering sweeping views of Kensington Palace and its surrounding areas. The 190,000 sq ft scheme will provide 57 new homes from one-to five-bedroom including duplex penthouses and 30,000 sq ft of commercial space, incorporating residents private dining & leisure facilities.

GEA provided extensive input to this project from review of the previous site investigations to the design of the proposed ground investigation, which, was in part intended to provide information sufficient for a finite element analysis to be undertaken by AKT II, to assess the potential impact of the proposed multi- level basement on nearby London Underground assets beneath Bayswater Road.

The investigation included a combination of cable percussion and rotary boreholes, to confirm the underlying ground conditions and obtain high quality samples for advanced laboratory testing, trial pits and structural investigation works to assess the existing basement and boundary wall conditions. This work was supplemented by a number of Seismic-CPT and pressuremeter testing (PMT) locations, completed within an existing basement area, to obtain low strain stiffness values, including G and G0, for the underlying London Clay.

Park Modern


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