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Ground investigation
Geotechnical consultancy
Contaminated land assessment

Description of Anthropogenic Materials

October 3, 2018
by Mike Plimmer

The Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) has produced new guidance for the description of made ground.

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Development of Ten Lock Flight Public House, Runcorn

January 2, 2018
by Steve Branch

In mid-2104 Wildgoose Construction asked GEA to review the findings of three previous phases of investigation at a site in Runcorn adjacent to the Bridgewater Canal, where significant contaminated land issues had been identified.

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The Trouble with Groundwater

January 1, 2018
by Steve Branch

The biggest problem with groundwater, particularly in the sort of mixed soils that characterise much of the southern half of the UK, is how difficult it is to determine where it is in the ground. This, of course is not really what the client wants to hear.

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Buried Services – A Ground Investigation Problem?

July 21, 2013
by Martin Cooper

You arrive on site with detailed plans of the buried services. The electricity and telecommunications can be readily confirmed with your Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT); the route of the gas main, sewer and water main are visually located through pavement scarring and covers.

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