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Ground investigation
Geotechnical consultancy
Contaminated land assessment

Susie Dukes

Senior Geotechnical Engineer
[email protected]

Susie joined us in 2016 after completing a BSc in Engineering Geology & Geotechnics at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter, and has since worked on various ground investigations across London and the Home Counties with the focus ranging from geotechnical assessments of sites with complex ground conditions, analysis of ground movements associated with basement excavations to contaminated land assessments and remediation of former industrial sites.

Susie completed her master's degree in soil mechanics at Imperial College London in 2020, working alongside Dr James Lawrence to correlate chalk properties across the Northern to Transitional Zone Provinces as part of her thesis, and was awarded the Malcolm Puller Prize for performance in the geotechnical processes' module.

As part of her role at GEA Susie is part of the team training new engineers who join the company and is involved in arranging placements for students to have an insight into geotechnical engineering with hopes of encouraging more students, in particular those from a local girl's school, into STEM.

Susie has an interest in complex geotechnical problems, including earthworks projects, solution features and ground movement assessments. She has gained expertise in dealing with problems on sites underlain by chalk and has worked on several projects to help provide solutions for sites in Norwich, Reading and St Albans.

In June 2023 Susie was elected as a Chartered Geologist at the Geological Society of London.

susie marley

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