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Ground investigation
Geotechnical consultancy
Contaminated land assessment

Mike Plimmer

BSc MSc CGeol CSci FGS MIEnv Sci  
Technical Director

Mike is a Chartered Geologist and Chartered Scientist with 30 years experience of geotechnical and contaminated land projects in the UK and Australia and has been with GEA since its inception in 2003.  With a first degree in Environmental Sciences and a masters degree in Geotechnical Engineering, Mike has been able to bring a multidisciplinary approach to a wide variety of projects in a broad range of ground conditions, including Broadgate, Brindley Place, Center Parcs Woburn, the Arora Hotel complex on the Greenwich Peninsular and the New Waverley Complex in Edinburgh.  

Mike has been responsible for the design of remediation strategies for the safe redevelopment of numerous brownfield sites including gasworks, landfills, industrial plants, petrol stations and recently a complex site with extensive Galligu deposits, for which GEA were awarded “Best Conceptual Design” at the 2018 Brownfield Briefing Awards. He specialises in the development of risk assessment models for contaminated land remediation and in the classification and re-use of construction waste.  He is a registered Qualified Person with responsibility for signing off Environment Agency declarations for CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Industry Code of Practice applications. He has also regularly provides specialist geotechnical advice for earthworks, foundation design and slope stability assessments.  

Mike is a member of the AGS Contaminated Land Working Group and acts for the Geological Society as a scrutineer of candidates for Chartered Geologist status. As one of our Technical Directors, Mike is responsible for much of the technical direction of the junior staff in the field of contaminated land and leads GEA’s contaminated land team.   

mike plimmer


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