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Ground investigation
Geotechnical consultancy
Contaminated land assessment

Matt Legg

BEng FGS Msc
Senior Geotechnical Engineer
[email protected]

Matt graduated from the highly respected Engineering Geology and Geotechnics degree course at the University of Portsmouth and has been with GEA since 2007. He has worked on a range of geotechnical and contaminated land investigations across London and the Home Counties and other areas of the UK. He is currently working towards Chartered Geologist status and studying part-time for an MSc in Geotechnical Engineering with Management. 

He has gained valuable experience working on former industrial sites that have presented challenging geotechnical and geoenvironmental aspects. These have recently included projects in the area of the former gas and steel works on Greenwich Peninsula, south London, and the regeneration of the old Teesside docks in Middlesbrough. 

Matt has an interest in dealing with complex geotechnical problems that require a level of specialised analysis and modelling, in particular with regard to predicting ground movement associated with slope stability and the heave / settlement of deep basements. Case studies include the investigation of a pre-existing slope failure in Southend-on-Sea and prediction of the effects on an existing public highway, and a ground movement analysis into the effect on a major London Underground asset from the unloading and subsequent extension and re-loading of a large double height basement in Farringdon. 

matt legg

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