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Ground investigation
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Martin Cooper

Technical Director

Martin is a Chartered Civil Engineer and has worked in the ground engineering industry for over 25 years. Prior to joining GEA, Martin spent 15 years working with Cementation Foundations Skanska and managed a range of foundation projects and gained extensive design and construction experience of rotary, cfa, precast and driven piling techniques as well as contiguous and secant pile walls and diaphragm walls. His skills extend into the disciplines of ground engineering such as minipiling, soil nailing, anchors and grouting of old workings, in addition to the design and interpretation of geotechnical investigations.

Since joining GEA in 2004, Martin has brought his construction experience into our investigations and has made significant contributions to value engineering on a number of projects. Most recently he has combined piling experience and geotechnical engineering skills in the formulation of detailed basement impact assessments (BIAs) and ground movement analyses (GMAs) for a number of complex basements required by planning authorities within London. He has carried out a number of retaining wall designs and ground movement analyses to satisfy the requirements of local authorities and their advisors in these respects and heads our Ground Movement Assessment Group. Martin is involved in the assessment of the effects of structures on buried tunnels and pipelines as well as adjoining buildings and since opening up our Manchester Office in March 2019, he has been bringing GEA’s expertise to the north of England and Scotland. Martin is also responsible for Health and Safety within GEA and served on the AGS Safety Working Group for over five years.



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