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Ground investigation
Geotechnical consultancy
Contaminated land assessment

Jordan Wood

Geotechnical Engineer

Jordan joined GEA in the Summer of 2018 after completing his MSc in Engineering Geology at University of Portsmouth, following a BSc in Geology. He is currently enjoying working on a range of ground investigations across London and the south and east. Jordan has also developed a keen interest in dealing with former fuel filling stations, in particular, the issues that arise due to subsurface contamination and the process of remediation to transform these sites into safe living spaces for the future.

Jordan Wood


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Screening out sites that have a Very Low or Negligible Ground Gas Risk


The risk presented by high rates of hazardous ground gas emissions into structures is well documented and means of monitoring and assessing this risk...

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GEA Covid 19 Update


We have always had a policy of enabling flexible and remote working throughout GEA, so the transition to all of our staff working at...

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