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Ground investigation
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Forth Banks, Newcastle

Provision of specialist foundation advice

Forth Banks
Forth Banks
Forth Banks

GEA provided geotechnical advice on two separate issues that arose prior to construction of a 280 unit build-to-rent project adjacent to the Stephenson Quarter in Newcastle. Historical mine workings underneath the proposed building had necessitated a number of phases of ground investigation and GEA was engaged to provide an independent opinion as to the adequacy of those investigations and the final risk assessment. Martin Cooper’s membership of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineering proved useful in allowing access to mine abandonment plans as part of that review, which helped secure approval from the Coal Authority and allow construction. In addition, GEA were asked to review the different design approaches to the ground conditions beneath the site put forward by two piling contractors, which assisted in the selection of the piling contractor.

Forth Banks


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