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Ground investigation
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Chatham Historic Dockyard

Ground investigations across varied ground conditions

Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard

GEA has carried out a number of investigations at the dockyard since 2006. We have been involved in investigating settlement of a number of ancillary structures, resulting from the presence of compressible river deposits below parts of the site, investigating the thickness and nature of backfill in old dock areas, and providing recommendations for refurbishment of historical structures.

We used a range of exploratory techniques on the site, including cable percussion drilling, opendrive sampling and trial pitting within the No 1 Smithery. This structure is a Grade II listed building, formerly used for iron-working, and a Scheduled Ancient Monument. It was restored by van Heyningen and Hayward Architects and re-opened as a visitor and exhibition centre in July 2010.

We have also carried out similar investigations in No 3 Slip and other buildings on the site. Our interpretive reports have provided clear advice for new foundations where required.

Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard
Chatham Historic Dockyard


van Heyningen & Hayward Architects


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Chatham, Kent



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